how to write song title
how to write song title

How to write the most attractive song title

Titles are so important when writing songs. The Title is like a great book cover, an excellent title can capture the listener before he/she has actually heard your music and more importantly will help the listener to remember it. It’s the sales pitch for the entire song.

Purposes Of A Melody Title

Song titles have to deliver numerous important factors. For example it is good if they can possess some of these qualities:

Evoke Emotions

Evoke Imagery

Be Of Interest

Be Memorable

Make The Reader / Listener Curious

Convey Something Original

Convey Something General That Everyone Can Relate To

Tease The Reader / Listener – Not Reveal Everything

Be Imaginative

Use A Small Number Of Words – 5 or less

Contain Or Reflect The Main Lyrical Hook (Importance Depends On Music Genre And Perspective)

1. Noun and Adjective Lists

Write down longer lists of nouns and adjectives. Blend words from these lists to create pairs of terms. In addition, also blend phrases within the same lists to obtain verb-verb and noun-noun word pairs. Select the ones you like and develop those word pairs or use those term pairs to create fresh word pairs based offering lists that move in new directions.

2. Research Other Media

Do some research. Read some online content, newspaper articles and magazine content articles etc. and use them to generate seed ideas for brand-new titles and tune lyrics.

Common Phrase’s that people say have not all been used in songs. Also phrases that are said wrong can be turned into great Song Titles ‘A Hard Days Evening’ was Ringo’s remark/comment said to John Lennon and we know how that turned out.

A play on words or opposites works pretty much too, one of my own tunes ‘I Mean To Be Nice’ is an excellent example.

3. Prose On A Topic

Choose a topic you are interested in writing a melody about.

Proceed to compose some free-flowing text inspired by that topic.

Explore any emotions and emotional perspectives, scenarios and conclusions that the tale implies.

Use that text message to then create phrases and phrase pairs to use seeing that a seed idea for creating a title.

Great melody titles will have one or two of these ingredients;

Thought Provoking

Word Combinations

Visual Imagery


General Creativity

Connection to Events and/or People

Common Tools For Songwriters

There are a few basic tools that can be of help when creating titles and other aspects of writing a song:

A Pocket Sized Notepad

Pen, Pencil and Eraser

Post It Notepad

A Rhyming Dictionary (online and an offline reserve)

A Thesaurus (online and an offline book)

A Recording Device That You Can Speak / Sing Into

For the most part, if you’re searching (as you ought to be) for a way to say something in a fresh and unusual way, you’re likely to arrive at an imaginative title in the process. Concept and name are so wedded that, particularly in Country music, many writers don’t also begin to write a song until they have a great title/concept. It’s a very common and practical way to start. Sometimes, for those who have the right title, the song virtually writes itself.

So to recap – start with the basic concept that you want to form the song around, the disposition, the voice, the scene, the emotion etc. Then find that great-stand-out-Title which will get the listener by the eyes before the ears! A great title will in fact help you write a better song, from my experience if I have an excellent title to start from I want the music and lyrics to end up being great too.

You’re looking for that tingling feeling when searching for titles, that feeling that no other title would top the one you are starring at right in front of you in the paper.

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